• Grant Writing Workshop

    Grant Writing WorkshopMarch 5 & 6 at the Merle Manders Conference Center in Stockbridge, Ga.

    Grant Writing Workshop
  • What is a Charitable Clinic?

    What is a Charitable Clinic? A non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide health care
    services free or with a minimal fees to eligible individuals with limited resources.

    What is a Charitable Clinic?
  • Serving the Uninsured

    Serving the UninsuredThere are over 100 charitable and free clinics and hundreds of physicians and dentists in
    Georgia that serve the uninsured, providing 0 million worth of care annually.

    Serving the Uninsured
  • Safety Net

    Safety NetGCCN helps to strengthen the state’s healthcare safety net by
    empowering organizations that serve vulnerable populations.

     Safety Net

col_icon_31Register now for the upcoming grant writing seminar in March!

Grantsmanship Training for Health Professionals: A Detailed Workshop on Designing, Writing & Winning Private, Corporate & Government Grants

GCCN is hosting a grant writing workshop March 5 & 6 at the Merle Manders Conference Center in Stockbridge, GA. Registration is open to all health organizations, but GCCN members can register at a reduced rate of $189 until February 5.

To view the agenda and registration details, click here.

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The trainer is Amy Forsyth-Stephens, of Forsyth-Stephens Consulting based in Blacksburg, Virginia, specializing in development consulting to rural and charitable health organizations, mental health organizations, and other non-profits serving disenfranchised individuals. A former free clinic director, Amy has personally written and won hundreds of program grants totaling millions from federal and state government sources, private foundations, and corporate entities. She has negotiated major contributions from large international corporations and authored thirteen successfully funded competitive grants from the US Department of Health and Human Services. She serves as a grant reviewer for the US Health Resources and Services Administration, and regularly presents webinars on grant writing to nonprofits across the nation. Amy is known for her ability to transform creative ideas into fundable initiatives, and for designing programs that endure.

col_icon_21About the Georgia Charitable Care Network

Providers of charitable care are uniquely benevolent.  When GCCN was founded in 2003 as the Georgia Free Clinic Network, the leaders envisioned a network of compassionate care givers brought together to create a voice more powerful than could be realized in a local community, which ultimately would create a high performing safety net in Georgia. GCCN advocates on behalf of its members on all issues affecting them. We provide timely networking opportunities. We work with communities interested in starting a clinic. We solicit funding sources to distribute to members. We connect donated medications and goods between the donors and clinics. We investigate new technology issues, such as the most effective software for clinic needs. We conduct conferences and meetings for clinic staff and volunteers—all to help our members serve their patients in the most efficient and effective way possible.


col_icon_11 border=Charity Clinics Part of Serving the Uninsured

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution

In the early days of our nation’s history, the Founding Fathers wrote a constitution and created a system of government with limited powers. The poor would be cared for by charities or religious organizations — groups established as safety nets for those in need.
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I am Uninsured. How Does the Healthcare Law Apply to Me?

The Good News Clinics in Gainesville, GA received a grant to develop, print, and distribute a brochure on the Healthcare Marketplace for patients of free and charity clinics in Georgia, and across the country.  Through the Georgia Charitable Care Network, it is available to download.   The template will allow you to add any relevant local information or resources.

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