Mental Health Disorders and Taking Care of the Mental Health

Mental disorders due to depression

Mental health is an essential factor to our overall wellbeing.

Surely, we have to take care of our body. But it is equally important, too, that we take care of our mental condition as it can contribute to our physical health, too.

People who experience problems that can be difficult for them to handle can affect mental health, and if not addressed, can lead to a mental illness disorder. Currently, about 60 million Americans are affected by mental illness. it was shown that five out of 20 adults are affected by illness and disorders related to the mental condition.

What is Mental Health Illness?

Mental illness disorder can be described as a wide range of conditions affecting the individual.  Mental disorders affect the thinking, mood, and behavior of the person. If a person is diagnosed with mental illness, he/she must undergo proper treatment to gain back the healthy mental condition.

Below is a list of the common mental illnesses that can affect any person:

Five Most Common Mental Health Disorders

Mental illness due to panic attack

1. Depression

Depression is a very common type of mental illness. It is described as always having a bad mood and a lack of energy and enthusiasm. People who have been diagnosed with depression show a lack of interest in getting a pursuit in the daily course of life. Depression can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

2. Anxiety/ Panic Disorder

Anxiety or panic disorder is the consistent and repeated attacks because of an extreme fear that something not good might happen and feel helpless about it.

3. Bipolar Disorder

This type of mental disorder causes a person to have a cycle of intense emotions. The person can have behavioral changes from a manic behavior including heightened emotions to becoming depressive, marked by extreme sadness and lethargy.

4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The diagnosis of the ADHD is more common in children, although some adults can be affected by it. ADHD is distinguished by impulsive behavioral characteristic, inability to stay focused on one task, and hyperactivity or the lack of ability to be still.

5. Schizophrenia

We often regard schizophrenia as hearing imaginary voices and having a split personality. But moreover, schizophrenia can be characterized as the inability to distinguish the imaginary from reality and causes extreme paranoia.

Psychological disorder due to insomnia

Can Mental Illness Be Treated?

Some illness can be subtle and are difficult to recognize. If you notice a friend or relative who are having strange swinging of mood and behaviors, try to understand them and be gentle with them. You need to gain their trust and make them feel that you truly understand them. Slowly tell them of what you have noticed about their behavior until they can accept it. Then bring them to a psychiatrist who is an expert on handling mental problems so they can be given advice, medications, and therapy that they need in order to cope with their problems and gain back their healthy condition.

Mental Health Should Be Taken Care

A person suffering from mental health disorder may undergo a lot of adjustments and it can be difficult because unlike physical illnesses, mental disorders involve thoughts and emotions. So if you or somebody you know suffers from such problems, seek help. Talk to somebody. Ask for guidance. After all, mental health is essential to the overall well-being of an individual.